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Re-evaluate and upgrade your interview process

An interview is your chance to evaluate, in real-time, how strongly the on-paper credentials of a job applicant come across in a face-to-face interaction. But not every interview will be successful if you’re still using the same questions and processes that worked for the last ten years. 

Like your business, your interview process needs to evolve, streamlining the work to be done and ensuring that you’re able to accurately identify the best candidates.

Use these tips to bring your interview process into the new decade so you can continue building your business with the best people.

Integrate Competency-Based Behavioral Questions

To learn if an applicant will thrive in the unique culture of your workplace is to ask competency/behavioral questions in the interview.  This line of questioning allows you to predict a candidate’s ability to take on the role based on their behavior in previous positions. When you know how they behaved previously, you can predict how they’ll perform in your company now.

Some main areas of competency to test for with behavioral questions are teamwork, problem-solving, communication, leadership, time management, initiative, adaptability, negotiation and customer relationships. To Download a free competency interview guide click on the link below.

Look for Culture Indicators
In today’s culture-centric workplace, candidates can no longer get by with a great resume alone—and it’s your job to spot those who jump out as a great cultural fit for the company. 
Make the Decision Process Collaborative
When you offer current employees an active role in the recruitment process, like meeting with prospective hires, you reinforce team camaraderie. You can also observe firsthand if an applicant seems to connect with and fit into the established staff dynamics.
Upgrade Your Interview Process
Today’s job seekers want to experience your culture and your business benefits from asking behavioral and cultural questions, making it important that you update your process for reviewing candidates. Use these ideas to take your interview process into the new decade so you can uncover the best employees for your evolving business needs.

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