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Truths About Turning your Passion into your Career


There’s a harsh truth about getting paid to do what you love that most people aren’t aware of: If you’re not careful, you can follow your passion right into poverty.

It’s easy to overlook the reality that people have to pay their bills, keep the lights on, and put food on their tables.

There are also so many parts of creative work that nobody sees—countless hours and years of deliberate practice. One big difference between amateurs and professionals is that professionals treat their creative work like a job—because it is one. They show up every single day because they understand the profound power (and importance) of consistency.

Here are 4 truths about turning your passion into your career:

There Has to Be a Market Demand
If your passion doesn’t intersect with some sort of need in the market that people are willing to pay for, you’re not going to make a living from it.  That being said if you hate what you’re doing, but there’s a market need, that’s probably not going to make you rich, either. It’s hard to show up as the best version of yourself when you can’t stand how you spend your days.

You Have to Create Value
If you want to get paid for anything, it has to create some value for other people.
Whether you entertain, educate, or serve, it’s going to take time to get paid to do the work you love.

You Need to Pay the Bills
While many people dream of quitting their job to pursue a passion, doing so without any means to survive is a bit like base jumping without a parachute.
If you’re worried about how to put a roof over your head, your mental bandwidth for creative endeavours will be hijacked.

There Are No Shortcuts
There are no shortcuts in following your passion. Everybody’s path will be different. I know plenty of people who started later than I did who’ve surpassed me in revenue or success. But once I started to compare myself less to others and focus on creating and learning more, that’s when I started to gain momentum.

When you finally do get paid for the work you love, you haven’t made it.

In fact, the work is just beginning. The stakes are higher. Suddenly, your work is no longer just about you. Editors, agents, business partners, and customers are all counting on you. Creative success is an infinite game.

The only question is whether or not you’re up for it.

Keeping you informed,
ASIE Personnel

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