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TOP Talent of the Week


TOP Talent in the market, interviewed by us, ready to be appointed by you.


Creditors Clerk
Young, focused and driven AA candidate.
Financial Management Diploma with 4 years Creditors Clerk experience within an FMCG environment.
Book-value of 5 million and 100+ recons per month.
Salary expectation: R 15 000 per month

Vibrant, determined and focused young AA candidate.
BCOM Honours in Management with 6 years Bookkeeping experience handling large book values in the engineering and Hydraulic industry.
Salary expectation: R 20 000 per month

Financial Accountant
Driven, intellectual and professional AA candidate.
BCOM Degree and busy with her CIMA (managerial level) with 4 years Accounting exprience within the Financial Services industry.
Salary expectation: R 25 000 per month

Investment Specialist | Analyst
Young, Talented, Driven AA Individual.
BCOM Honours in Business Management majoring in Strategic Management, Financial Management with 2 years Finance experience.
Salary expectation: R 252 000 PA

Investment Consultant | Private Banker
Focused, self-disciplined dyanmic candidate.
BCOM Honours in Economics and Investment with 1,8 years Broker epxerience.
Salary expectation: R 240 000 PA




Business Systems Analyst
Outstanding, well spoken, strong Technical EE candidate.
Matric, studying towards IT Qualification with 10 years Business Systems Analyst experience currently within Banking environment.
Salary expectation: R 45 000 per month

Solutions Architect
Outstanding individual, professional, driven and out of the box thinker.
Matsers in IT with 25 years experience as a Solutions Architect.
Salary expectation: R 1 – 1.4 Million PA




Payroll Administrator
Well presented, dynamic EE candidate.
BCOM HR Degree with 1,8 years Payroll experience.
Salary expectation: R 17 000 per month

HR Administrator
Lovely, well-spoken EE candidate.
HR Diploma with 3 years HR Admin experience.
Salary expectation: R 18 0000 per month

IR Officer
Well-presented, young dynamic candidate.
BA Labour Relations with 5 years HR & IR Consulting experience within Labour Consulting environment.
Salary expectation: R 22 0000 NETT per month




Financial Manager
Professional, focused and presentable AA candidate.
BCOM Accounting & Business Management Degree with 1,3 years post articles experience within manufacturing environment.
Salary expectation: R 36 000 per month

Operations Manager
Strategic, Strong leadership qualities, results driven.
Matric with 6,3 years Sales and Ops Management experience within the Insurance Industry.
Salary expectation: R 30 000 per month

CFO – Chief Financial Officer 
Strategic, driven, well-spoken and presented candidate.
CA(SA) with 9 years Financial Management experience at FD level within the Engineering and Manufacturing environments.
Salary expectation: R 134 000 per month




Office Manager | Receptionist
Professional, dynamic and focused EE candidate.
Business Administration Diploma with 11 years Office Support/Receptionist experience within the recruitment environment.
Salary expectation: R 13 000 NETT per month

Social Media Administrator
Young, Bright and Creative AA candidate.
BCOM Accounting, Google Certified with 3 years Social Media and SEO experience.
Salary expectation: R 18 000 per month

Call Center Team Leader
Intelligent, well-spoken AA candidate.
Matric with 15 years experience of wich 3 years as an Office Support/PA experience.
Salary expectation: R 20 000 per month

Marketing Coordinator
Intellectual, professional, hardworking and focused candidate.
ND Qualification with 8 years Marketing Coordinator experience within the IT industry.
Salary expectation: R 27 500 per month

Sales Engineer
Young, professional and focused AA candidate.
Engineering Certificate with 5 years Technical experience in PBX/SIP within an IT environment.
Salary expectation: R 33 000 per month



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