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TOP 5 Interview Tips for Job Seekers that will help you land the job

Congratulations you have been invited in for an interview. Now you need to prepare, prepare, prepare to ensure you stand out above your competition and to land the position you have applied for.

Here are some critical steps we have found candidates fall out the process from not being prepared, here is how you can ensure you do your best.

1. Research the Company:

Google the company. Typical interview questions you can expect are:

  • Why do you want to work for our business?
  • What do you know about our company?
  • Which of our values resonate with you?

2. Study the Job Spec – know the position well:

  • HR will ask competency based/soft questions around what you believe are your strengths and weaknesses. These are the easy ones. Yes, you need to know who you are to answer these.
  • Line Management will ask technical questions directed at the job specification and the job itself. Talk about “in your experience”, use common sense, attempt each question and never say “I don’t know”. You can refer back to the job spec.

3. Be early – Research where the company is based:

Plan your route the day/night before and leave early. Be at least 15 minutes early. Being late is not acceptable, however if beyond your control call the company/agent at least 15 minutes before your interview and apologize profusely.

4. Look Smart – be neat and look your best.

5. Get enough sleep/rest the night before.

For more interview tips and interview questions you can expect visit:

Wishing you all of the very Best!

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