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Staff Retention or Business Expansion Strategy


This all needs to be considered especially when planning your staff retention or business expansion strategy.

Staff Retention Strategy:  In many instances some businesses lose their best talent purely due to salaries not being market related.  Yes, people move for money and especially in today’s economy.

Knowing what’s happening in the market will give you the advantage of yes, we are paying our employees market related salaries.  Or we need to re-look our current salaries and make them market related.

Paying your people market related salaries also speaks to the staff morale in your business.  When people are underpaid, they start feeling undervalued by the business and start resenting their employers.

This leads to low motivation and employers end up doing damage control.  Time and again we see employers going down the road of counter offers only for staff to leave after a couple of months anyway.

New Business Expansion: In some cases for new roles/businesses, companies don’t attract the right talent due to not doing market research and estimating what they think the market is doing.

In order to give your business the leading edge and advantage, you need to know your people market.  This will enable you to get it right the first time and budget accordingly.

Being at the forefront of our core business which is first and foremost recruitment.  We are in touch with the market place on a daily basis, which enables us to give you current and accurate information.

We specifically look at your business and provide you with market related salaries, from related industries and as per your requirements.   The market survey will give you an idea of who is in the market, type of experience and their current/expected salaries.

Our Aim is to inform and empower our clients with accurate market and salary information so that you can make informed quantitative business decisions.


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