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Save time, get yourself organised.

Save time, get yourself organised

save time get yourself organised

Save time, get yourself organised  Time is constant. There are twenty-four hours in a day, no more, no less. The challenge is to maximise their use – and it’s possible, provided you approach the issue methodically.

In order to improve permanently your current level of productivity and, even more important, to provide a continuous acceleration of productivity, you must make self-discipline necessary to make getting more done the most important thing in your work life for at least a year

Here are some useful tips to help to get yourself organised and to save time:

Identify what is strategic to you
Know exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing. Identify strategic issues – the essentials of your job or the main reasons why you are employed in your current position and isolate them from those that are non-strategic.

Set goals and detail actions
Having identified the issues that are strategic to your personal operations, you need to be quite clear about the goals associated with each issue. If you want to achieve these goals you will need to determine specific actions to be undertaken with realist timelines.

Plan your year, month, week and day
Planning how to make the best use of your time is a form of project management. Though effective time management is more than diaries and to-do-lists, both play a vital function in staying focused on the key issues, being aware of the value of time – and being organised

Practice key management techniques
Prioritise your tasks and plan your time to deal with top priority items, learn to say ‘No’, establish and stick to deadlines, avoid over-commitment, make a habit of biting the bullet, stay away from interruptions

Use time-saving devices
Keep yourself organised by using devices such as laptops, e-mail, mobile phones and computer software, commercial time management diaries for you to achieve more in less time, you can’t afford to not be up-to-date on innovative management techniques.

Organise your workspace
If you want to save time, a key is to keep your workplace organised. Have your work tools readily accessible, fight the cluttered desk, establish a workable filing system, stick to one project at a time and get a large wastepaper basket

Don’t worry 
Most of the things we worry about are unfounded and we have no control over much of the rest. So focus your efforts on the few things you can do something about. Live a happier, more productive life by disciplining yourself to change the few things you can and accept the many that you can’t. Think of the time you will save.

All accomplishment in life, other than that which results by accident, passes through three stages – the goal, the plan, the action.
By focusing on this sequence, you will be able to get yourself better organised to squeeze more out of those twenty-four hours each day.

Keeping you informed,
ASIE Personnel

Source/Extracts from – Just about everything a manager needs to know in SA
Authors: Neil Flanagan &  Jarvis Finger

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