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How to reward your staff for a job well done

How to reward your staff for a job well done

reward staff


How to reward your staff for a job well done

Reward your staff. It’s nice to have one’s efforts appreciated. From management’s point of view, it’s smart to reinforce the desired behaviour by acknowledging the behaviour with an appropriate reward. Rewards play an important part in job performance, motivation and productivity. people like to receive recognition for a job done well.Heading towards the end of the year, many companies may only offer performance-based bonuses and others none at all. Research has shown that employees are not motivated by money alone, and that

Consider the following to make your workplace a haven for high productivity:

1. Ensure performance and reward go hand in hand – the size of the reward should reflect the size of the effort, rewards should be tied to an individual’s contribution, not simply to the length of time with the organisation and participating staff must be aware of the criteria being used to assess performance.

2. Devise a workable scheme – develop a set of principles which could form the basis of an employee reward system for your organisation, avoid granting rewards at fixed intervals,employees need to be motivated throughout the year, recognise the achievements of teams as well as individuals, seek input from staff in designing their own incentive programme and actively support the scheme, even participate in it.

3. Select rewards that employees value – different things motivate different people, here are some examples: opportunities to advance, good pay, opportunities to develop new and old skills, pay on merit, recognition for good work, responsibility, opportunities to be creative, flowers or wine, movie tickets, breakfast/lunch, time off, job security, promotion etc. Variety is appreciated by most staff who will often choose to focus on particular endeavours for which they find the reward most appealing.

4. Reward performance immediately – We’ve all been brought up to respond to instant gratification so, whether the reward is individual excellence or team success, give it immediately wherever possible. A reward for performance long forgotten is of little value.

5. Make a big deal of the presentation – publicise a winner(s) widely, as well as the reasons for the choice. Ensure that the recognition is delivered in a personal and honest manner. Sincerity counts.

End the year off by recognising at least one member of your team for a Job Well Done!

Your trusted talent partner,
Asenath van den Berg
Director – ASIE Personnel


Source/Extracts from Just about everything a manager needs to know in SA
Authors: Neil Flanagan & Jarvis Finger

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