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New Job? How to prepare yourself before taking up that new position

new jobNew Job? How to prepare yourself before taking up that new position.

New Job? First of all, Congratulations! Obviously, you will want to get off to the best possible start – that’s important for your own self-confidence and for the impression you make on your colleagues. Often, however, some people feel inadequate in those first few weeks. So, to assist you to overcome any initial uncertainty and to help you feel secure when you take over your new job, here is some useful advice….

1. Take time to plan and prepare for the move – Usually, you will have several weeks at least between the date of appointment and taking up your new position. Get yourself organised immediately and start thinking about your new role.

2. Brief yourself as fully as possible – Get acquainted with the company, in particular, that part for which you will be responsible

3. Spend time with your predecessor – If possible, try to have a long discussion with your predecessor. Ask questions to get as much inside information about the position and the organisation as possible.

4. Clarify your role – If you are a head of a department or workgroup, it is a useful strategy to talk over with your new boss your responsibilities in the organisation. You won’t want to discover anything unexpected on your first day.

5. Plan and prioritize – You do not have to do everything on your first day, or even in your first week. Make a habit of consulting with your colleagues before doing anything drastic. Show some initiative, what you do in those first few weeks will be setting the pattern for your leadership.

During those first few weeks, you actually have a little leeway to make mistakes, act clueless and generally just settle in, if you’re going from a business casual environment to a formal environment, you’ll need some new clothes as soon as possible.

Enjoy the transition.

Source: Just about everything a manager needs to know in SA

Authors: Neil Flanagan & Jarvis Finger

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