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How To Increase Your Energy And Productivity At Work

energyProductivity is the combination of intelligent planning and focused efforts.

The demands of work are keeping people so busy these days sometimes they forget the simple things that make them feel energized.

Staying productive at work can be a challenge.  

Every time the work day ends, odds are that you are not satisfied with what you have accomplished.

Here are a few tips on how to increase your energy and productivity at work:


Create to-do lists:

Stay on top of tasks and prioritise them.  Consider putting a timer on your tasks to avoid focusing too long on a task and then neglecting your other tasks especially if you have deadlines


Set ambitious goals:

Set goals in your workplace, it will help you to get the job done.  Set a deadline for your goal.  Goals have to be very specific and they should be written down.  One of the most satisfying aspects of setting goals are achieving your goals successfully.


Drink more water:

Water is the better choice both for hydration and to increase energy levels. Try drinking eight glasses a day for a couple of weeks, and see if you feel more energetic


Get enough sleep:

It seems like an obvious statement, but many people don’t get enough sleep.  Getting enough sleep will help you to concentrate better at work (which will make the boss happy)



Eating small meals or healthy snacks every two hours throughout the day is the best way to maintain your energy levels.


Reward yourself for motivation:

When achieving a goal, it is important to reward yourself somehow for motivation.  This could be in the form of a material possession or certain type of food, whatever motivates you!


Try doing each and everyone of these tips and you will increase your energy and productivity at work with as much as 50%


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