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How to position yourself in your new job

how to position yourself in your new job

How to position yourself in your new job

When you take up a new position, it is natural to feel some pangs of uncertainty in the new environment. The following guidelines will help you overcome the initial insecurity of those early days in the new job.

1. Avoid becoming too visible too soon

In the early days, many people will be anxious to see what your approach will be, particularly in terms of changes to ‘the way things are done around here’. Let there be a touch of mystery about your presence in these early stages.

2. Focus on the important things first

Don’t try to become the master of all aspects of your new position. Ask your superior to list the three or four most important responsibilities of your job and make every effort in these early days to master them first.

3. Avoid making snap judgments

It’s smart not to form a set opinion about anyone until you know them well and have seen them interacting with others. Keep an open mind and make your own judgments later.

4. Become familiar with the way the organisation works

Familiar yourself with the regular routine of the organisation, its communication networks, and the mechanics of daily life in the workplace.

5. Get to know the staff

Get to know the people by name and be able to talk to them about their areas of interest both inside and outside the workplace, you’ll need to work on this as it will pay off in terms of team building

6. Avoid the whingers

Gripe sessions about other people are common practices in most organisations. There’ll be those who will want to ingratiate themselves to you in the early days by downgrading the worth of others. Remember, if you are too receptive to such people, you may acquire the kind of reputation you don’t want.

7. If necessary, restrict your social life

For the first few weeks at least, you should try to keep your outside social life to a minimum. Your new job should be the focus of your attention in these early days.

Concentrate and focus all your attention on getting the basics done quickly. The important thing is to come to grips with your new job quickly and be effective in your output.

Keeping you informed,
ASIE Personnel

Source/Extracts from – Just about everything a manager needs to know in SA
Author: Neil Flanagan & Jarvis Finger

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