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Get the Salary You Want (And Deserve)



Get the Salary You Want (And Deserve)

You’re overdue for a raise, but lie awake hesitating on how to plump up your courage and wallet.  Here, Asénath van der Berg, Director at ASIE Personnel gives steps to asking for that cash injection.

Step 1: Do your legwork

Does your company provide increases based on company or individual performance? Check your pay and how it compares to the market (the average increase currently is at seven percent).

Step 2: Back yourself

Compile a list of your achievements and accomplishments you’ve received during the past year. This will help motivate why you would deserve the increase.

Step 3: Time wisely

Ask for an increase when you’ve completed a challenging project or taken new responsibilities. Set up a meeting with your manager to discuss your successes. A performance appraisal would be the best time to discuss.

Step 4: Rehearse asking

This can be a difficult or awkward conversation. Practice salary negotiations with a friend who can be a tough negotiator, lack of confidence will work against you.

Step 5: Never threaten

Still not budging? Do not give ultimatums – even if you get the raise the boss is already thinking about replacing you because they’ll never know if you’re going to stay. Be part of the solution. People that fix problems get paid more.

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