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Five Ways to Make Your CV Stand Out

Five Ways to Make Your CV Stand Out

Your CV is one of the most important parts of your job hunt. It will shape an employer’s first impression of you and will often dictate if you make it through the initial round of the application process. Ensure you don’t fall at the first hurdle with our five tips to make your CV stand out.

1. Keep it short & sweet

Your CV shouldn’t be too long. Question whether all the information you’ve included is relevant – does an employer need to know you once babysat your aunt’s puppy? Your CV is a snapshot of you and your career and a springboard for future discussion.

2. Make it easy on the eye

Your CV needs to be an effortless read. Keep it uncluttered with clear sections and titles, using bullet points to break up long paragraphs. Bite-sized chunks are much easier to navigate than a long piece of narrative. Although it needs to be eye-catching, your CV isn’t the place to experiment with exotic typefaces and colors. Simple fonts such as Arial or Verdana in black are most legible.

3. Triple check for spelling mistakes

Recruiters are inundated with CVs and spelling mistakes are a quick way to sort the wheat from the chaff. Even small grammatical errors suggest you have poor attention to detail and could put you out of the running – make sure they’re banished from your CV. Ask friends and family to review your CV – a fresh pair of eyes will be more effective at spotting the mistakes you’ve been staring at for days.

4. Focus on results

Employers want to know the impact of your actions, they don’t just want to see a list of the tasks on your CV. Highlight your specific involvement in activities and how you made a difference – don’t be shy about emphasising areas you excelled in. Ensure your experience stands out – statistics are incredibly powerful and give a real sense of the impact you made.

5. Include LinkedIn

Pop a link to your LinkedIn profile on the soft copy of your CV. Employers can then see your recommendations, your group activity, and any content you’ve created or shared. Just make sure your online profile is up to date and in line with your CV – many recruiters will look you up on LinkedIn and discrepancies between the two will look suspicious.

Source: Bright Network

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