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Face your next job interview with confidence

Face next job interview

Face your next job interview with confidence

In applying for a new job, you may indeed be experienced and well-qualified, and you may have submitted a wonderful letter of application and a perfect CV – but today, more than ever, it’s that face-to-face interview that really counts.

To gain the advantage, you’ll need to project a confident image, here are some tips to face your next job interview with confidence…

1. Do your homework
Face your next job interview with confidence by doing your homework, if you have done your research and preparation, it will come across confidently and naturally in the interview. Google the company, familiarise yourself with what they do, also go to Google Maps, make sure you know where the company is situated and make sure you know what time to leave to reach your destination on time.

2. Rehearse
The best way to build confidence and manage uncertainty is to practice beforehand, rehearse questions related to each of the selection criteria and practice your responses out loud. Ask a friend or family member to help you practice, do some role play.

3. Pay attention to first impressions
First impressions count a great deal, look the part, make sure you arrive on time, walk confidently, smile and relax

4. Use the proven interview tactics
Support your answers with examples, think before you speak, speak positively of past experiences, emphasize the positive, listen attentively and watch your body language.

5. Leave a good impression
You need to make a positive impact in the final phases of the interview, end as you began, with a smile, direct eye contact, firm handshake and a few positive words.

It’s critical to remember that being well-prepared, well-dressed, and following a carefully thought-out strategy will greatly enhance your confidence and give you a decided advantage in the interview. Try to be yourself and try to enjoy the interview. First impressions last, make them count.

Keeping you informed,
ASIE Personnel


Source/Extracts from – Just about everything a manager needs to know in SA
Authors: Neil Flanagan &  Jarvis Finger


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