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Develop a positive mental attitude

develop positive mental attitude

Develop a positive mental attitude. Success is not reserved for the talented. After decades of quest, we now know that high achievers have a high degree of self-motivation. The enduring power that moves them to action comes from inside themselves.

We’ve all met people who seem to have everything going for them – ideal upbringing, seemingly unlimited talents, useful contacts, and so on. But why is it they never seem to get to first base, careerwise?
The answer: attitude.
It is often their attitude that limits their achievements. Although changing attitudes is not easy, it can be done and here’s an eight-step process that can lead to the development of a positive mental attitude, a will to win, and career success…

Practise visualisation
Visualisation is one of the most powerful techniques of self-image modification because your visual image can become your reality

Make affirmations
Affirmations are strong statements or commands from our conscious mind to our subconscious mind. They override old information and reinforce new, positive habits of thought and behaviour.

Affirm loud
Begin and end each day verbalising your affirmations. You’ll be amazed how more confidently you will behave and feel when you’re feeding yourself the right messages.

Act the part
Walk, talk and act exactly as if you are the person you want to be. The first step in becoming more confident then is to act ‘as if’ you already are.

Expose yourself to high-quality information only
The more you read, listen, watch and learn about your subject area, the more confident and capable you’ll feel.

Associate with positive people
Fly with the eagles instead of scratching with the chooks. To meet new, positive people, you have to stop associating with the loser-brigade, those dull excuse-makers who end up dragging you down to their level of complacency and incompetence.

Imitate positive people
The qualities we admire and envy in others usually reflect our own underdeveloped capacities. Imitation is essential to learning. Identify those around you with a positive mental attitude and watch what they do, how they work, what they say and how they carry themselves.

Teach others
When you attempt to articulate and explain a concept to others, you will understand it and internalize it better yourself. Seize every opportunity to share with others as a way of helping you to become even more familiar with it.

Success is almost totally dependent on drive, focus and persistence.  The extra energy required to make an extra effort, try another approach, concentrate on the desired outcome – is the secret of winning. Out of desire, the energy and will to win. Get that urge to win! There’s no time to lose.

Keeping you informed,
ASIE Personnel

Source/Extracts from – Just about everything a manager needs to know in SA
Authors: Neil Flanagan &  Jarvis Finger

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