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Counter Offers!




One of the most common reasons given for non-acceptance of job offers in modern-day hiring and recruitment is undoubtedly the classic counter offer scenario.  What does a counter offer really represent?  A counter offer is whereby a candidate is receiving a better offer to stay with his or her present employer after he or she has announced their intention to take a job with another company.  This usually consists of the following:  A significant salary increase, more flexibility on your current package, emotional black mail, or more responsibilities with a more senior title.


Tempting as they may seem, acceptance of counter offers usually amounts to little short of career suicide.

Here are a few things to consider before you accept that counter offer:

  • Why are you worth R4,000 more today than you were yesterday?
  • Why do you have to threaten to quit for this to happen?
  • What sort of company does this make them?
  • Where is this money COMING from anyway?
  • Is your being “bought” at the eleventh hour not something of an insult to your intelligence and integrity?
  • Will your loyalty to the company and to your colleagues ever be truly seen in the same light again?
  • What was the original reason that led to your seeking an employment move? Is it this or your pride that the counter offer is addressing?

Think about the above when you are presented with a counter offer, think carefully before you accept a counter offer, it can change everything!!






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