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Should You Choose to Work With a Job Placement Agency?

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Should You Choose to Work With a Job Placement Agency?

South Africa is the dominant economic powerhouse of the African continent, and as such offers some of the most rewarding positions in many careers. However, finding the right position that will help you to advance your career and offer you the benefits you deserve isn’t always an easy feat. Many South African employers have a gatekeeper of sorts through which you have to pass before your candidacy for employment will be considered. A job placement agency acts as this watchdog. However, this needn’t be a negative thing for you as a job seeker.

Working with a job placement agency is supposed to be beneficial to both parties. Remember that a recruitment agency won’t be able to fulfill their mandate to an employer with the crucial ingredient of you. This is why you can demand the best service from your recruiter and also be discerning about the type of candidacies you apply for.


There are many other benefits to partnering with a recruiter, including:

  • Access the best jobs from the leading employers – many employers only operate through job placement agencies and for you to even stand a chance to get your foot in the door, you’ll need to work with these agencies.
  • Let the recruiter do the heavy lifting – these industry professionals have a wide network of connections in the industries they specialise in. When you partner with an agency, they will distribute your CV and application throughout their network for the best response.
  • Get the lowdown on the company you’re applying with – it’s usually the small things that will show a company that you’re prepared for the interview and the best candidate for the job. Your recruiter has worked with the employer and knows what they’re looking for, so they’ll be best to advise you on how to present your application in the best light possible.

These are merely a few of the many advantages you can expect from partnering with a recruiter to help you land your dream role. One of the best reasons to make use of a job placement agency is that it won’t cost you a thing. The employer will foot the bill for this service. You will only get the benefits of working with a specialist recruiter who is as vested as you to make sure you are placed in your dream position.

How ASIE Personnel can Help You

At ASIE Personnel we are in the business of building careers. We won’t just find you another job, but we’ll help you to advance your career by placing you in your dream position. Our team of professional recruiters will provide you with career advancement tips, help you by providing you with interview tips, and assist you in updating your CV to the accepted and expected industry standard.

We’ll also provide you with all the details you need to know about your prospective employer so that you can make a lasting impression. If you’d like to learn more about this job placement agency and how we can help you secure your new dream job, contact ASIE Personnel today

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