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Career Planning: How to Improve your Chances of Getting Promoted

career planning

Career Planning: How to Improve your Chances of Getting Promoted

Career Planning – to get promoted you must build ‘career equity’ thereby establishing your ‘professional net worth’

This is done by developing, improving and strengthening each of eight specific assets which will enhance your professional value in the management marketplace.

1. Improve your knowledge and skills. To progress in your career, you need to assess your knowledge and skills to uncover any deficiencies. Work purposefully on correcting these weaknesses. Continue to learn.

2. Strengthen your credentials. Most employers still place a very high value on credentials earned through formal post-school education. This asset can be strengthened through active membership of professional associations and committees and involvement in community service organizations and clubs.

3. Enhance your reputation. Your reputation focuses on your overall image within the organization and beyond. It is based on what people think of you and your accomplishments.

4. Build up your relationships. It’s been said before: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” That’s where the concepts of mentoring and networking come in. Developing a network of professional contacts is also a positive career-strengthening strategy.

5. Nurture your track record. You need to be a proven performer at each stage of your career, for a listing of your achievements over time will provide the evidence of your track record.

6. Consider your tenure. How tenure affects career equity varies greatly from profession to profession, in some organizations, however, it’s still a case of the longer an employee’s tenure, the greater the respect accorded.

7. Weigh up your life balance. Your career will be greatly enhanced if your life as a whole is in balance. Work towards establishing harmony between your job and the following important life areas: health, spiritual, finances, social recreation and family lifestyle.

8. Focus on your effectiveness. It encompasses a wide range of components of your job including, for example, self-management, interpersonal communication skills, leadership style, motivating others, time management, public speaking and so on.


Take your time to analyze your assets in each of the eight categories listed, and then search for ways to improve in each one. In a year’s time you will see that, not only will your effectiveness have been increased, but your career equity and promotional prospects will have been boosted as well.

Keeping you informed.

ASIE Personnel

Source: Just about everything a manager needs to know in South Africa, Authors: Neil Flanagan & Jarvis Finger


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