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Building a Team you can Trust

Building Trust

Building  Trust

Great leaders know employees have choices about where they work. You can create an environment where people love to come to work and customers love to do business. 

Here are 6 important lessons about building trust with management and employees:

1. Trust Employees – Trust they can do the Job.  Give them the required responsibilities and let them run with it. When employees know they are trusted, they find it much easier to trust management. Remember respect and trust have a lot in common.

2. Be Consistent – If leaders are clear about the vision and core values, it becomes easier to make consistent decisions. An extremely high value is placed on ethical decision-making, results and customer satisfaction.

3. Keep your word – Trust is built by doing what you say you are going to do, follow through and keep commitments. Don’t keep your word and employees will have a lack in trusting what you say and a lack of moral develops.

4. Ensure that Communication is Open and Honest – Honest and direct communication regarding performance, the company vision, values and strategic goals are essential to building trust. Don’t and people start to speculate. 

5. Involve Employees in Decisions that Impact their Work – If your goal is to work with an engaged, motivated workforce, you will benefit by involving employees in the decisions that impact their work.

6. Clarify, Crystallise, and Communicate your organisation’s core values – clearly articulate to every employee the values that drive decisions and day-to-day business practices in the organisation – and how their role is important to achieving this.

Trust builds a relationship where employees feel confident about following your lead.  People do not follow those they do not trust.

The core of influence is TRUST. You cannot lead without it.

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Source/Extracts from: The Only Leadership Book You’ll Ever Need by Peter Stark & Jane Flaherty


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