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Building resilience in your team during tough times

Building resilience in your team during tough times

Covid-19 has thrown us all a curve ball we didn’t expect, however as South Africans we are resilient. We have dealt with electricity load shedding, water shedding, recessions, downgrades and we still are able to bounce back and rise above it all in the end.

Here are a couple of reminders of how to build resilience in your team during these tough times:

1. Open Communication

One of the best ways to cope with adversity is by talking with others. Encourage open and clear communication within your team.  Discuss challenges the company may be experiencing and the way forward for the next couple of weeks. 

Talking through our challenges with another person enhances resilience. There are several factors that can impede resilience within the working is an unsupportive environment; lack of connectedness with others; and not looking after ourselves physically and emotionally.

Talking it out with others is particularly beneficial to ensure mental well-being of your team.

2. Focus on the Positive 

Encourage your team to focus on what you can control as a team, as individuals and as a business.  We often spend far too much time worrying about what might happen, other people and situations or environments which we cannot control.

If we resolve to focus rather on what we can control i.e. the way we behave and react to people and situations then we will find ourselves spending a lot less time trapped in negativity and feeling overwhelmed.  Help your team to focus on what really matters.

3. Ask for help from others

Check-in with your team regularly to ensure they are OK and allow them to ask for help from others if needed. Sometimes we are afraid to talk to people we work with for fear of seeming unstable or weak.

As a leader ensure that your team knows that you are open about listening without judgment, and offering assistance if you notice another person who is needing to be heard and understood. 

4. Think innovation

Whilst your business might be quite or in downtime or in survival mode at the moment, now is the time to think of innovation, strategy. Once it’s all over, how can your business thrive? What lessons are you learning right now?  Ask your team for ideas, suggestions. How can you be more efficient and productive? Even applicable to the essential services market.

5. Participate in networking 

Stay connected. You are not alone in this, we are all in it together and you will only know when you participate in networking with other professionals within your industry. Participate in Networking with other business leaders and encourage your team to do the same.

Wishing you and your team super resilience through these trying times.

Best Wishes,
Asénath van den Berg
Director – ASIE Personnel

HR and Recruitment Support throughout COVID-19 Lockdown
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