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Basic Interview Etiquette


Basic Interview Etiquette

Back to the basics!

This is etiquette that applies across industries and regardless of what level job you’re interviewing for.

Don’t waste anyone’s time:   This means only go into an in-person interview if you care about the job and you’re willing to put in some effort learning about it and the company.


Arrive on time:  Punctuality in the interview process is a non-negotiable.  The optimal time to arrive is probably around 10-15 minutes prior to an interview.   If you are running late due to an unforeseen event, traffic jam, etc. make sure you call and email to let your interviewer know.


No cell phones:   It must be off or on silent mode.  Even a vibrating cell phone can be really distracting and rude as you’re going through an interview.


Look professional:  This means dress the part.   Formal wear is usually good, no jeans or flip flops.   And go easy on the accessories.


Be gracious:  Always say thank you at the end of an interview and follow up with a thank you email or note.  And smile!


These are just 5 steps to follow, but it will help you tremendously in an interview!




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