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Attending job interviews and NOT getting the job?

Competition is rife, you meet the requirements on paper however so do the other shortlisted candidates the employer/recruiter is interviewing. 

Here are several possible reasons why you might not be getting shortlisted further for the job.

During the interview:

1.  You have not researched the company or the job spec – immediate disadvantage – lack of interest in position/company




2.  No excitement, energy, enthusiasm or passion shown for the company or the position you have applied for


3.  Poor handshake (not firm, soft like a fish) – lack of confidence – unassertive


4.  Poor verbal communication skills: Soft spoken, unclear or mumbling


5.  Lack of eye contact with the interviewer – lack of confidence

Maintaining eye contact during a job interview,

6.  Talking too much/over explaining, overselling yourself – answer the question directly and to the point


7.  Too brief – giving one word answers, interviewer needs to drag the information out of you


8.  Misrepresenting any of the following on your CV: qualifications, experience and the duration of your employment.

       During the interview and checking process the interviewer is able to pick up these discrepancies.


9.  Complaining about your current or previous employers – unprofessional




All of the above points are within your control.  With work you can practice, and make a change to improve your interviewing skills.

Best wishes,

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