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Applying for jobs, but not receiving any response?


Applying for jobs, but not receiving any response?

Have you been applying for various job vacancies but have NOT been receiving calls for interviews?  Then this is for you. 

Recruitment agencies & HR Managers receive hundreds of CV’s per position.  With so many applicants, the average recruiter will spend 30 seconds reviewing your CV before deciding whether or not to call you.  Your CV, therefore, has to stand out. 

Here is why you might not be receiving that call – you might need to review your CV.

Chances are good that you’re making a few of these common mistakes on your CV: 

  1. You don’t have all your contact details on your CV, make sure you have your telephone number, an alternative number and your email address on your CV.
  1. Your CV is not updated – update your CV with your most recent position first.
  1. Your CV must have start and end dates with reasons for leaving for each position – make sure there are no gaps in between positions, and provide reasons for any gaps.
  1. Use a font & format that’s easy to read, keep it simple.
  1. Use bullet points to list your duties for each position, make sure you list at least 5 duties for each position. Avoid essay paragraphs on your CV.  

Check your CV for any spelling mistakes and maybe get a friend or someone to double check it for you.

If you are struggling with your CV format, visit our website and download a free Professional CV template

Our client’s love this format as they can quickly and easily identify your qualifications and work experience.

Best Wishes,
ASIE Personnel

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