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7 Daily Habits of Highly Productive People

daily habit of productive people

7 Daily Habits of Highly Productive People

Insanely productive people have learned to use time differently, more efficiently, and to much better effect. Here are 7 habits of highly productive people:

1. They Prioritize Prioritization
Productive people know that how exciting or unexciting a task is is irrelevant: The reality of a task’s level of importance—not their preference for doing it—is what determines their workflow.

2. They Don’t Just Set Goals, They Assign Timelines

A goal without a timeline is a recipe without ingredients. It’s great to set goals for yourself, but they need to be broken down and assigned timelines for the various action items involved (like steps in a recipe), or the goal will seem insurmountable from the start and won’t have any urgency attached to it.

3. They Set Limits

Burning the candle at both ends always ultimately leads to, well, burnout, where you’re the opposite of productive. This is why productive people set limits that they adhere to.

4. They Control Technology, Not the Other Way Around

Productive people understand that it’s counterproductive to be a slave to technology. Not only will there always be something new and exciting to look at, but also, social media can be a time-suck to even those with the most willpower.

5. They Take Strategic Breaks

Many productive people force themselves to take a break, even for just three to five minutes, every 90 minutes or so. It prevents them from getting too caught up in the weeds of one thing and provides a quick focus shift—a brain- and body-healthy breather. Stand up, stretch, go get some water (or refill your coffee cup), and sit back down, and get back into it.

6. They Don’t Multitask

Even with competing priorities, highly productive people focus on doing one thing at a time really well, not switching back and forth between four things at once. Single-focus work is also the best way to gain momentum and celebrate small successes. When you’ve done one thing start to finish, you feel accomplished and propelled to tackle the next thing, also start to finish.

7. They Make Sleep a Top Priority

Not getting enough sleep is a guaranteed saboteur of productivity. The day after sleeping less than seven hours a night (let alone consecutive nights with less than seven hours of slumber), you’re slower, less focused, and less motivated. Studies have shown that even if you believe and think that you’re “just as productive” after a night of insufficient sleep, objective measures of brain activity and productivity show that you’re not.


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Author: Anila Gonzales

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